Azarenka shares how her life changed since she became a mother

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Azarenka shares how her life changed since she became a mother

In press conference in Madrid, Victoria Azarenka shared how her life and career changed since when she gave birth to a son called Leo. The Belarusian player was involved in a legal dispute with her former boyfriend, and she is now travelling with his child on a regular basis around the world.

"When you are young and you grow up and everything, your childhood has gone, it's all about tennis, practice and fitness and tournaments and it is about winning and making it and everything", said the former world No.

1. "So tennis becomes your life. Everything in your team becomes about you, you know, you are an individual athlete. So when I became a mom that went to the second part. No matter how much I love tennis, no matter how much my son is everything to me and it's always going to be that way so that never going to change.

And to me, it felt like if I don't try to say that I'll still love tennis, like people might think, like oh, she doesn't have the commitment anymore. And all this talk has been happening. So in a way it took a toll on me, oh, do I like to play tennis? Do I have the same drive? Yes, I do.

But it is not my priority anymore because to be, quite frank if I had a choice do I go to play a tournament or I spend time with my son? There is no choice. It's going to be my son. But I have to work and I have to do things so I do that sacrifice and I take that job really seriously because when I do do my job, is the limited time I'm away from my son and I'm going to make sure I put 100 per cent in doing the best I can otherwise I won't be doing it."