David Ferrer shares what advice he would give a 14 year old

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David Ferrer shares what advice he would give a 14 year old

In the press conference following the last match of his career, against Alexander Zverev in Madrid, David Ferrer was asked what advice he would give a 14-year-old. The Spaniard, who always stood out for his fighting spirit, said: "I would tell him that just to try to be himself and to pay attention to all the important aspects in life.

Many things happen. Just live with the pressure. And many things happen that you don't realize and realize how to live with the pressure, learn about the mistakes of the past and to be able to draw a future and always try to be positive.

I will tell him so many things that I would never finish. At the end, the most important thing is that he has to learn to live the present, to know that there are tough days, good days, sad days and that's part of life.

You are not going to be always happy and that is something normal. And once you understand that, I think that everything is much easier and smoother." On how it felt to reach the 2013 French Open final, Ferrer added: "It was a very important moment of my career because it was my first and only final of a Slam.

But I have had very good moments in my career. I cannot say only that moment because in 2012 it was my best year as professional tennis player when I won Paris-Bercy. And finally, the most happy for me is finish here tonight, finish here in Madrid with my people, my family, my close friends, everybody that helped me a lot.

Not only in my tennis, in my life, so tonight for me is a special day and the moment that I think I never forget."