Stan Wawrinka: We don’t know who will be the CEO

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Stan Wawrinka: We don’t know who will be the CEO

Recently, former Top-10 player Tim Mayotte had certain things to say about process of appointing a new representative on the ATP Board. While the likes of Mayotte, Brad Gilbert and Dani Vallverdu were shown the Red Light , Nicolas Lapentti, Mark Knowles, Nicolas Pereira, Weller Evans, Austin Nunn & Brandon Burke will get the opportunity to present to the council in Rome ahead of their decision.

When asked if he’d received any feedback from the council over why he didn’t make the cut, he replied: ‘Would not give me answer about that or process.’ He also said he had made ‘multiple requests’ to get a response from the 10-man group.

He added: ‘They [the candidates] are qualified. But my qualifications are strong. As are Brad Gilbert’s. We should be given a chance to speak. ‘Asked many times about process. No answer. It stinks.’ Former Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka had his say on the matter, commenting, I’m not the president,’ he smiled.

‘I’m not the CEO. I’m nothing in ATP. I’m just a player. ‘I feel like you ask me a question I don’t have any power to answer. So far, it’s a question for in three years’ time. Since that, a lot of things can happen in the players council and in the board.

‘We don’t know who is going to be the CEO right now. And that is probably the most important spot in the ATP. So that should be the main concern in the next few months, to find out who is going to be at this spot and what is going to happen in the next few years.’