Sania Mirza: Motherhood was for me the most selfless love

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Sania Mirza: Motherhood was for me the most selfless love

In an interview to ESPN, former doubles no. 1 Sania Mirza commented on how becoming a mother changed her life. In October 2018 the multiple time Grand Slam winner and her husband Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik became parents to a boy.

Mirza, who is trying to make a comeback to the competition, said: "I don't know if motherhood is really quite the biggest change one can have in life. Of course, everything begins to revolve around the baby and rightfully so.

For me, it was the most natural process and it is the most selfless love that you can ever feel. I never, ever, ever, thought I had it in me so I think that was the most amazing feeling I ever had." Mirza, who last played a match in 2017 Beijing, added, "My goal was to get fit again and return on court.

Physically and emotionally, it is difficult to regain how your body used to be and get back the strength and movement. But for a top-level athlete, you have to embrace all the changes that come with motherhood. So when I started practicing after all the months away, it felt really special.

It is extremely challenging because your body goes through a lot when you have a baby so just to get back on court the way I was before motherhood was a really happy feeling. For all the new athlete moms out there just believe in yourself and we can all come out of this stronger.

If we can't get back to exactly the way we were before we turned moms, it doesn't mean we're any less because I think we've already achieved the most amazing feat by bringing a new person into this world."