Naomi Osaka reveals why she split with Adidas for Nike

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Naomi Osaka reveals why she split with Adidas for Nike

In a press conference in Rome, Tennis World USA asked Naomi Osaka the reasons why she split with Adidas and became an ambassador for Nike. The Japanese player said: "That was a very blunt question. I don't know. I guess it's because growing up all of the people I idolized were wearing Nike.

I think that was a big influence on that." On his preparation ahead of the clay season, Osaka added, "I mean, for me, I feel like I had a big training block in LA before I went to Germany. I think that definitely helped a lot.

Yeah, I feel more comfortable on it. I also feel like I'm more sort of accepting the fact that it's not my greatest surface, so I'm more willing to do, like, different things to learn." What is the most difficult thing for her to do on clay, to slide, to stay in the rallies for more time or what? "I think it's when the ball bounces differently from what I expect.

I don't really have a problem with long rallies or sliding any more, so... Yeah, like since clay is bumpy compared to hard court, you don't really know how the ball is going to bounce. I think that's the most difficult part."

Asked if she had a change in her training regime after changing her coach, Osaka said: "Training is the same because I have the same trainer. But, of course, since I changed coaches, the practices are going to be different.

I feel like Indian Wells, Miami, we really had to get adjusted to each other. I think that it showed in my results. I think now we understand each other more. Yeah, I think we're all doing better."