Elina Svitolina reveals complications for documentary with Gael Monfils

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Elina Svitolina reveals complications for documentary with Gael Monfils

In a press conference in Rome, Elina Svitolina commented on the reasons that led her and Gael Monfils to have a documentary movie featuring their love story. The Ukrainian revealed there have been some problems with the project.

"We decided because we wanted to share with the fans. Now there are ongoing problems because there are problems to get the images from the tournaments. It's very, very expensive as we found out just a few days ago. We're going to reconsider what we're going to do.

The idea was just to show the fans, the people who don't know, what's going behind every athlete, not only what's happening when we step on the court for our matches, but what's going on behind the scenes, the practice and everything.

This was the main idea. For now the images, to get access to the venues, stadiums, is very, very expensive. We didn't really think it would be that much, especially for some big tournaments like this. We'll see what we can do.

But for the moment, it's a big issue", said Svitolina. Svitolina admitted she has a lot of expectations in Rome: "Probably if I would say there is no pressure, I would probably lie. Of course, there is some kind of pressure when you come to the tournament where you have to defend a title.

I try to don't think so much about it. I try to don't look at it that way. I try to take it as a motivation for the matches here. Every match is very important to me. I will try to prepare as much as I can. Almost every match is like a final for me.

I try to be ready 100%. For me, I don't think it's a big difference if I have 10 or 15 matches for the past months, or I have a few. You go on court, it matters of your mindset. You have to be ready for everything. Every player is tough, so you have to be prepared and ready for the fight." .

The Ukrainian lost in the second round against Vika Azarenka, defeated 4-6 6-1 7-5.