Alexander Zverev: 'Last year I was just focused on tennis. Now...'

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Alexander Zverev: 'Last year I was just focused on tennis. Now...'

Alexander Zverev feels he has been making several improvements in the last period. The German player said: "As I said at the beginning of the clay court season, as well, I will need some time, I will need some matches.

Every tournament I played so far on clay is getting better and better. In Madrid, I was very close to playing my best. I think the match with Tsitsipas I could have won in two sets. I didn't. In the beginning of the third, we had this long game at 1-All where I had the three breakpoints.

After that, I lost a game, then I went downhill a little bit. This is also a confidence level. Obviously, he's won a lot of matches, I didn't this year. I think that was part of the reason. But I win this match, then who knows what will happen in the end of the tournament.

I think in Madrid I was close. I think, as I said, every week is going to get better for me." Zverev was also asked about his relationship with Ivan Lendl and how long it will last: "I answer this every week. I'm sure you guys will figure it out.

The press conference in Madrid, Munich, Monte-Carlo, Barcelona, Miami. Every week." On his legal dispute with the agent, Zverev concluded: "I am a young guy that is trying to build a brand as well. It's not even the difficult things or something.

It's just time consuming. It's energy consuming. Obviously, you have to deal with a lot of different things. I have to deal with lawyers, as well. I have to deal with obviously management stuff because I don't have anyone.

I have to kind of do it myself right now. Last year, the reason why I was playing so good, all I was doing was playing tennis. Everything else was taken care for me. I was going to bed, I was waking up, thinking about how practice was, after practice I was thinking about what to eat, then practice again, go to bed.

Now it's more like I have to wake up, I have to think about, okay, I got this and this email, I have to respond to this and this person, I have to make a phone call, do that, then I have to practice. It's a lot more things.

I think a big reason why also, I mean, I didn't play my best so far this year was because I'm still young and I had to figure out how to do that. I had to figure out what comes with that. I mean, let's be honest, the last few years I was playing tennis, but I was still living a life where everything was taken care of for me.

Now I kind of took over and do everything myself. It's a learning experience. But I think once you go through that, like I am now, you'll come out much stronger and much better."