Dominic Thiem shares how dating Kristina Mladenovic helps his tennis

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Dominic Thiem shares how dating Kristina Mladenovic helps his tennis

In a press conference in Rome, Dominic Thiem commented on how being involved in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend Kristina Mladenovic can help him to go through difficult times in tennis. "It's very nice because it's easier that she understands everything of this job", said the Austrian answering a Tennis World USA question.

"It's not a drama when we leave each other because she knows that we both have to travel a lot. That she knows this job perfectly makes everything much easier. We can help each other a lot." On his training sessions with Mladenovic, Thiem added: "I hit sometimes with her.

Especially the cross-courts, they give a very good rhythm, the girls. But not when it comes close to a tournament. I mean, most of the times they have different balls than us, so that's a big thing why we can't do it.

Sometimes it's very nice to give a nice rhythm. I did it on the first day when I arrived in Indian Wells. Why not? It's a lot of fun. Good thing." Is there any woman besides Kiki you'd be curious to practice with, to see their ball? "Not really.

Maybe she gets jealous otherwise (smiling)." The 25-year-old concluded: I think with the age, I have to take a little bit more care of myself. My goal is to play less tournaments, for sure, but to play well in every single tournament I play.

Since Indian Wells, I'm very, very happy with my performances. It's working out really good so far. I'm trying to keep that good shape and good momentum up."