Novak Djokovic on Rome ticket-price hike: “I don’t feel offended”

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Novak Djokovic on Rome ticket-price hike: “I don’t feel offended”

Djokovic didn’t agree with the reason behind the decision to double the Rome Open ticket prices, but he gave credit to Federer and showed no signs of inconvenience: “I don’t think that if Roger hasn’t won here affects his value or what he brings to the world of tennis or any tournament.

I think he is the biggest name, historically, the guy that won the most titles and he is a huge brand in sports worldwide, one of the biggest of all time. From one side, I can understand. I mean I don’t feel offended by that.

I don’t feel that has disrespected me or Rafa or anybody else. ” The Serbian ended his opinion in a positive manner repeating his amusing phrase gone viral some time ago: “The bottom line is that if it brings more tickets, more attendance to this tournament, that’s great for everybody.

I hope it does. If not, then too bad”. Federer was disappointed when he heard that the ticket prices doubled because of his arrival: "They made it in a way like they rewarded the fans who bought tickets earlier, which is sort of strange.

" However, Federer went over the ticket problem and added: "I just really hope it doesn't take away the fact I'm really happy to be here. There's going to be good crowds hopefully, good atmosphere. " Read more about the ticket prices raise here Roger Federer causes Rome ticket prices to double