Fernando Verdasco reacts to Dominic Thiem criticizing Rome Open

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Fernando Verdasco reacts to Dominic Thiem criticizing Rome Open

Dominic Thiem blasted the Rome Open organizers following his loss to Fernando Verdasco. In a press conference the Spaniard was asked his thoughts about it. "Yeah, yesterday (Wednesday) was a tough day", admitted Verdasco.

"Obviously no one likes to wait so long, I mean, at the end don't play. Be at the club for eight hours, nine hours. But you can't do anything about it. For everybody is like that. I mean, you cannot do anything. We are kind of used to it.

Sometimes something like this can happen. So yesterday that. And today obviously it was a hard day at the office, but hard day in a really good way. I played six sets, but I won both matches. I won against Thiem, that is No. 4 in the world.

For me, the top three for sure on clay. Then Khachanov, he is also 11 or 12 or 13 in the world. Super tough player, too. I'm so happy about it. I'm so happy about the level that I played today and how I performed today. Yeah, like I said, just so happy.

A hard day but really, really nice day. Now to enjoy, to try to rest obviously for tomorrow. Is going to be also a tough day even if it's just one singles, no matter what happens. But can be two doubles if win the first doubles tomorrow.

Yeah, after yesterday, everything is going to be more physical. Yeah, I mean, I can't complain. Obviously, I'm so happy. I really want to enjoy these two victories of today because I think I don't even remember was the last time, maybe ever, I won two players as I been able to beat today.

So happy for that." Previewing his upcoming quarter-final against Rafael Nadal, Verdasco added: "Obviously he's the favorite. But obviously is going to be a super difficult match. If I play Basilashvili, obviously is difficult also.

But obviously, Rafa is Rafa. He won here many times. He's the best in history on clay. Obviously is another match that I'll have nothing to lose, against a Spanish player, against a partner in Davis Cup for many years, a friend, even we are not going for dinner every night, but I consider him a friend, when we are not obviously playing against each other.

Yeah, I mean, like I said before, just now time to enjoy and try to get ready for tomorrow physically as best as possible after playing six sets today."