I was angry with everyone as a kid, says Alexander Zverev

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I was angry with everyone as a kid, says Alexander Zverev

Stories tell that Alexander Zverev was often angry on the court when he was younger, especially against opponents and his brother Mischa. "It wasn't only against him, it was against everyone! I've always had the winning mentality," Zverev told Tennis Magazin.

"Until now, that hasn't changed. My father taught me hat the most important thing was to develop my game, to play the right wav He would always tell me that we were training for me to be good when I'm 18, 19, 20 years old and for the rest of my career, by playing the right way.

So I played aggressive very early." Zverev did not experience success at a very young age: "I've never heen number 1 in Eurape or in the world at 13, 14 years old. l've only started to be among the best players when I was 16.

You play doubles with your brother." On how the duo work on court, the Hamburg native added: "Let's say that we both have a different role: him at the net and me on the baseline. I tell him some stuff in return games.

The only time I got mad at him was when I had the feeling he didn't want to play." Zverev is playing in Geneva this week. He will be playing the French Open next where he is defending quarter-final points. He lost to Dominic Thiem in the quarters last year. The Austrian reached the final, and lost to Rafael Nadal in straight sets.