Nick Kyrgios has a personality issue, says Nalbandian

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Nick Kyrgios has a personality issue, says Nalbandian

In an interview to ESPN, the former player David Nalbandian commented on Nick Kyrgios' controversial attitude. "I see in Kyrgios a very talented guy but apart from that, I see he is in conflict with himself. If that's not a problem then it's another one, he has problems with people and opponent.

Hewitt coached him a bit. Nick has a personality and behaviour problem", said the Argentinean. Nalbandian recalled his 2005 ATP Finals Triumph in Shanghai: "I was about to go fish. It was a Friday and on Friday we would go fish.

I was an alternate and I did not want to go to China as an alternate, because it's such a hard trip, it's the only time where you can take a rest and going as an alternate is not resting and you cannot even prepare the off-season.

From ATP they told me that Andy Roddick would withdraw, so I went there. A craziness." About his favourite Davis Cup memories, Nalbandian concluded: "Beating Australia on grass was historical, it's difficult that it happens again.

We played an unbelievable tie against Hewitt and Arthurs, but it was a tremendous end to the week." In an interview, Nicolas Massu commented on his co-operation with the Austrian Dominic Thiem. "This year it was amazing, you have to be grateful.

This year was unbelievably good. In a sportsman and coach's career moments come and go, and you have to take advantage of the good ones. This year was one of the best in my life: I reached the World Group with Chile after eight years through players we started working with when they were 16 years old; I won a Masters Series with Dominic; I am working with a top five player; the Davis Cup team is better every day; Chilean tennis is strong again.

Of course, I am happy! I tried bringing all my knowledge and experience of many years on Tour. Two months were gone and every time I know him more, every day I know the player more and he knows me. That helps and leaves all of us happy and we also get along well on the court.

I had pretty similar tennis to him, except I was hitting the two-handed backhand and he hits one." "The Chilean tennis always had great results throughout its history. We have Davis Cup finalists, world No. 1, Olympic champions, now players that are No. 22 or 23 in the world."