Alexander Zverev is just destroying himself, says Tommy Haas

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Alexander Zverev is just destroying himself, says Tommy Haas

The former world no. 2 Tommy Haas believes that Alexander Zverev needs to find new ways in order to put his recent bad results behind him. In an interview, Haas said: "The self-confidence is finished, he struggles a lot, he gets even more on the bottom and he destroys himself.

Zverev has been in a sports crisis for weeks. He has too many question marks on his mind. He can become even more aggressive, switch to attack in a quicker way, and find the right timing." At the end of June 2018, the 51-year-old Boris Becker had stopped the sale of 81 trophies and memorabilia that he collected in his tennis career.

But now they have been put on sale again, as announced by Wyles Hardy & Co. The collection includes replicas of the US Open and Davis Cup trophies that players can bring home. Davis Cup is €4,570 worth, €5,700 for the US Open, as well as the German Television Award.

The highest prices are for the Renshaw Cups of 1985 and 1987. They are more than €9,100 each worth. On the Rome Open winner Karolina Pliskova, Chris Evert said: "She's so efficient, not making errors, placing the ball well.

Also, I love how calm she is out there. It's like nothing bothers her, whereas everyone else is getting all emotional." Evert finally commented on the French Open defending champion Simona Halep: "I give her just a slight edge as the favorite. She's just so solid, and she doesn't have as many ups and downs as some of the other contenders."