We need players like Nick Kyrgios, says French Open chief

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We need players like Nick Kyrgios, says French Open chief

In an interview to GQ, the French Open Tournament Director Guy Forget commented on Nick Kyrgios' behaviour. "Players like him are needed on Tour. The guy who will get booed after breaking a racket will be the same who will make the crowd stand up after an unbelievable shot.

McEnroe was a war. If Kyrgios manages to keep this crazy side becoming a warrior on points, people will love him. As soon as he wins one or two big tournaments." Asked if he had certain tics as a player, Forget replied: "When I took an energy substance, I would like ending with a bit of water.

I liked having a shower in the same place. But if it was already taken, I would not wait. I was also setting things in the same way on my bag. Sometimes it's a bit ridiculous. The shower, the same shirt... Richard Gasquet plays with the same ball when he wins a point!

He did it in the Davis Cup training. I wanted him to stop this thing, he told me he wanted the same ball, I did not give him it and he still won the point." On Kyrgios saying French Open is a sh**, the Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni said: "I understand that he is not that ready if he goes play in Paris and he does it like this.

I do not understand that every week he makes a show like he did last week in Rome, which was so bad", concluded the 58-year-old Mallorcan