Belinda Bencic shares how she spends her money

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Belinda Bencic shares how she spends her money

The 22-year-old Belinda Bencic has already earned $3.2 million from her career prize money tournaments. The Swiss player said: "It means a lot to me. It's very nice to earn money through my passion and have some freedom.

That means travelling, eating together or going on holidays. But I have a lot of expenses, I live in a rented apartment in Monte Carlo. And I do not need bags or luxury suites in hotels. That's how I grew up. I prefer to save it for my family and then for my children.

Sometimes I feel the nostalgia of home, but after a day at home I already think: "It's so boring, I want to hang out." On her talent, Bencic added: "I worked more than others. I do not have the best feeling of hitting the ball for nature.

Even today, I have to practice harder than others to feel well on court. I had success straight forward and I was playing against big hitters. And as I had success, I was longer in tournaments, as a teenager, my body could not keep with it, and even in the last months I have been playing a lot and now I pay the price for it.

Now I try to plan my tournaments schedule in a smarter way and listen to my body more during training sessions." Bencic last played a match against Kristina Mladenovic in her Rome Open second-round loss. She will open her French Open campaign against Jessika Ponchet.