Eugenie Bouchard: I’ll just try to play good tennis

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Eugenie Bouchard: I’ll just try to play good tennis

Eugenie Bouchard is at the French Open with her Grandmother by her side. "It’s her first French Open so she’s really been enjoying it," Bouchard said. “She's literally taking selfies with players and always taking pictures of me too, which is annoying, but it's been fun and relaxed and we'll go enjoy the city as well,” she further added.

She also had a practice session with Venus Williams. "We took selfies for like 15 minutes. We were joking that we spent more time taking selfies than practising, which is not true," Bouchard said. "Relax! We practised for like an hour and a half.

My grandma loves tennis so she obviously loves watching Venus and Venus was so, so sweet. I like Venus a lot and we were all taking pictures and having fun and posing and just being girls, I guess." Getting some guidance from Canadian Fed Cup captain Heidi El Tabakh, Bouchard is going into this Grand Slam with a relaxed approach.

"She's a good friend of mine as well so it’s really been relaxing and nice and a no-pressure kind of trip so far so I’m happy," Bouchard said. "I'm actually enjoying this time right now (without a coach) and I feel like I take more responsibility when I’m on my own and I think that’s a good thing for me so no rush for now, but definitely something I’ll address in the near future."

This French Open will be a special one for Bouchard irrespective of the results as her Grandmother is besides her. "I’m approaching the French Open as a tournament to just try to play good tennis, really enjoy it, enjoy trying to feel good on the court and whatever happens happens," she said. "I’m going to go visit the Louvre no matter what."