Garbine Muguruza: 'I am not really fighting for French Open title'

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Garbine Muguruza: 'I am not really fighting for French Open title'

Garbine Muguruza defeated Taylor Townsend in three sets to reach the French Open second round. In a press conference the Spaniard said: "I knew it was going to be a challenge no matter who my opponent was. We always know that the first rounds are difficult.

It's the first match of a Grand Slam, it's a little adventure. Also playing Taylor, she had a different style of game, a very lefty player. Super talented. So it took me a while to feel better in the court, to get the rhythm, to, yeah, to have a game plan.

It was a tough match. I'm happy to go through. I think I wasn't having the right game plan in the first set. Also, I was trying to play for the first time a new player. We have never faced each other. So I think she managed to get the first set, and immediately I realized that, okay, I've got to do something different to turn things around.

Yeah, a little bit going more forward, you know, playing longer points. So one thing and another one. I started to feel better in the court and getting my rhythm." Asked what it takes to win a Major, the 2016 tournament winner replied: "Obviously a very complete player.

I think to win a Grand Slam you don't only have to play beautiful and, you know, have great shots. It's a combination of having the X factor, because, you know, everybody plays well, but only few can win Grand Slams.

Yeah, I think a very complete player, having the courage, having the consistency of winning many matches, dealing with the pressure of, you know, being in a Grand Slam and advancing. It's a puzzle that you've got to put together, and it's not easy.

I felt more at ease than last year, because I'm not really fighting for my title. That's true. But it's not always easy to start a tournament. I try to go as far as possible. We always have a lot of pressure. But I don't ask myself the question all the time. Sometimes in the past I was focusing too much on these aspects that were putting pressure on me."