Fabio Fognini: I got fined by the Italian Open

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Fabio Fognini: I got fined by the Italian Open

In a press conference in the French Open, following his four-set win over Andreas Seppi, Fabio Fognini revealed he was fined by the Rome Open because of the controversial words he said about the Tournament Director Sergio Palmieri regarding the event's schedule.

Fognini, then, apologized through social media channels and Palmieri said it was all right, but ATP still fined the Monte Carlo Masters winner. "I was really hot at the moment, of course, because I was not feeling good and played two matches at the time.

That time was not helping my body. The second thing is that I spoke with the tournament director right after, and, you know, sometimes when you're like that, you do something that maybe most of the players thinking, but in the wrong way.

So I will just say that. I was really angry of course because I was losing because I was earning every week something -- not bad, but something not really good. Of course, I'm Italian, and our tournament, I think, is one of the best in the world: Location and everything, food, whatever, that when you come to Italy.

So I was angry." Asked how much the tournament fined him, Fognini replied: "I mean, you should ask, although it was peanuts." On his character, Fognini concluded: "I am what I am. I mean, I still the same, like always.

Well, of course, I have to be honest, I just came here in the best moment of my career, because of course be seeded no. 9, it's never easy. But at the same time, you know, I'm one of the 128 in the draw that they want to do well, especially in this tournament, because is my best one.

But at the same time, you know, I know that it's difficult, is tough. I have a really tough second round. So just focus on that."