Naomi Osaka: 'From 0 to 10, I am disappointed 100'

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Naomi Osaka: 'From 0 to 10, I am disappointed 100'

Naomi Osaka lost to Katerina Siniakova in straight sets, 6-4 6-2 in the French Open third round. The Japanese player said: "At the same time I don't want to blame how I played on that. But, yeah, definitely I think this tournament I have had a feeling that was different to the other Grand Slams, or, like, every other Grand Slam that I have played, because usually I find it very freeing and fun, and this time around I was kind of tense the entire time."

Asked what's her level of disappointment, Osaka replied: "It would go from 1 to 10 and I'm like at a 100 right now. Yeah. I kind of live my life in moments, so I can't really talk about the future, because I'm kind of currently feeling what I'm feeling now (smiling).

I don't want to say I feel depressed, but I do. I think it's a natural part of life, especially if, like, you train super hard for moments like these, and then you don't perform how you want to. I feel like saying that "I'm depressed" is a very strong statement.

Because I felt that way before, and it's not as extreme as that. So I would just say I'm very disappointed in how I played, and I wish I could have done better. But I can't turn time, so..." "If think about it, like, results-wise, I think this is definitely the best clay season I have had.

Semis, two quarters, and, like, I didn't lose in the first round, so it could have been worse. Of course, it obviously could have been better, too. But I can't really say too many negative things about this, especially since it's my first, like, extended season with J.

and Nana came back and Abdul is here, too. So I feel like we are kind of a unit now, and we can only look towards the future. Grass season, I have never really done well there, either (smiling). So I guess I can only keep looking up."