Hawk-Eye Challenge will not be introduced at the French Open, says chief

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Hawk-Eye Challenge will not be introduced at the French Open, says chief

The French Open Tournament Director Guy Forget denied that the Hawk-Eye Challenge could be introduced in the event. There have been some complaints about it including from Stefanos Tsitsipas who argued with the umpire about some calls during his fourth-round loss against Stan Wawrinka, but, speaking to AP, Forget said: “Of course we’ve thought about it.

Technology is something every sport should use, as much as possible. If we don’t use it — and I don’t think we ever will — it’s ... because, historically, we’ve been judging the course of a ball and where it lands on the court by the mark it leaves on the clay.

Would you like to have a court with no chair umpire, no linesmen, just electronic line-calling? Is that something we really want in the future? I think we’d miss something”. Chris Evert said: “I am 100 per cent for having replay.

They should use it. Because of the way they sweep the lines on clay courts, sometimes you can’t see for sure if the ball hit the line or not. I also think that some chair umpires vary. They all view whether it’s in or out differently.

I’m not calling them cheaters, of course, but it doesn’t look sometimes like it’s all the way out but they go, ‘Out.’” Jordan Thompson concluded: “There are so many arguments ...

just like that one. If we had Hawk-Eye, it would have been over in 20 seconds, and we would have been back playing”.