Petra Kvitova uncertain about Wimbledon appearance due to injury

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Petra Kvitova uncertain about Wimbledon appearance due to injury

Petra Kvitova did not deny that she could miss Wimbledon due to the arm injury that forced her out of the French Open. "The chances to be there or not to be there are not in my control at the moment. I do not know how I will be doing until then, I will do my best to play.

It's a dominant hand, on the forehand side, so it's tough, we will see. There are some minutes where it hurts me a lot, and minutes where I do not feel it at all. But it's better than some days ago. Now I can wash my teeth," said Kvitova, as quoted by Czech site

In a press conference at the French Open, Kvitova had said: "Of course, the left arm is the probably more using part of my body. It happens when I playing the forehand, so of course, without the forehand, it's pretty difficult.

Yeah, and, you know, I'm playing for so many years already, so I think that since I came back from the accident, I working pretty hard and doing everything. I'm playing maybe too much? Who knows? But I'm not complaining.

It's a great thing to have. Yeah, just probably my body said that I need some time off, so I need to listen to my body now. of course, it's my left hand again, so I'm using my right a little bit more. So I'm back in my younger years (smiling).

But it will be not probably that tough as it was. Before, I didn't know what it will be and what's going to be. Now I know that I gonna heal it. Doesn't matter how long and I gonna be back, so it's much easier I think."