Arantxa Sanchez Vicario: Ashleigh Barty is a big contender


Arantxa Sanchez Vicario: Ashleigh Barty is a big contender

You know you are special when legends of the sport acknowledge and tag you as a favourite for a Grand Slam. Another Grand Slam great - Arantxa Sanchez Vicario was the most recent one to comment on Ashleigh Barty’s chances at Roland Garros.

“She’s definitely the player that nobody wants to play because she has the variety - she can play spin, slice, hard, drop shot, coming into the net or staying back,” the three time Roland Garros Champion said.

Barty could end up taking on defending Champion Simona Halep in the last four, a scenario that Sanchez Vicario believes the Australian should relish and make the most of. “She’s a big contender. I like her spirit.

She’s a big fighter, she never gives up,” said the Spanish former world No.1”. “So I don’t think the players like playing her. Maybe (clay) is not her favourite surface but she’s learned to be patient, to prepare very well the points now.

She’s a player who’s very dangerous, she’s a big contender I’m telling you. She has no pressure because maybe she’s not the favourite as some of the others”. Former Wimbledon champion Conchita Martinez also feels that Barty can go deeper into the tournament.

“Of course. Why not? What I like when she’s not playing that good, she’s relaxed,” Martinez said. “She’s an all-round player, she can go to the net. Her slice hurts a lot of players that play very flat. She doesn’t get mad. She has that smile and it’s like ‘OK, I can do this.’”

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