If needed, French Open final could be moved to Monday

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If needed, French Open final could be moved to Monday

French Open Tournament Director Guy Forget addressed the media after two men's and two women's quarterfinal matches were canceled and moved to Thursday due to persistent rain. After a couple of hours of wait, the French Open organizers decided to cancel the day at 16:30 local time.

Wednesday's schedule was due to feature two women's quarterfinal matches starting from 14:00, followed by two men's quarterfinal matches starting not before 15:30. The French Open organizers' problems with the rain may not be over yet as more rain delays could be coming in Friday.

Traditionally, the women's final is held on Saturday, while the men's final takes place on Sunday. If needed, the organizers could move the men's final to Monday as Forget admitted that's an option. "We know about the possible rain on Friday.

We have a few options, none of which is ideal. We want to do our best so that both finals could be played on time," Forget said, as revealed by Sasa Ozmo on his Twitter account. "Weather for tomorrow should be OK, it would be a good start.

We will worry about Friday after that, but it’s complicated already. "If we have to move the finals the following day... It could happen, it’s happened with Nadal and Djokovic, but hopefully we might be able to conclude on time.

"We have always tried to be fair to everyone. It is a possibility to that some of the big matches will be moved to Simonne Mathieu court."