Alexander Zverev shares the benefits of cryotherapy

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Alexander Zverev shares the benefits of cryotherapy

Alexander Zverev had never used the cryotherapy this year. The German player was satisfied with how it helped his recovery process: "We are in there for three minutes and it really, really hurts. After those three minutes, you are ready for a hot shower", said the world No.

4. "You do really sleep very well." Mathilde Poignard, a PhD student in physiology and sports science, explained how the whole process works in an interview to ESPN: "The protocol is they stay 20seconds in the first chamber at minus-60, then they enter the other chamber at minus-110, for three minutes, normally.

The air comes at you, it's cold, but there is also maybe difficulty to breathe the first time because you have to breathe slowly [not to panic]. We try to make them aware that they have to breathe slowly and be calm. If we don't tell people this the first time, maybe they will be stressed when they enter the chamber.

We can also talk to them every minute to tell them the time. There is also a door if they need to come out. After they have to stay calm normally for 30 minutes but sometimes they leave quickly after. They may have a cold shower, but not a warm shower because if you do a warm shower, you stop all the benefits of the cold."

"The main benefit is for the recovery and muscle soreness," she said. "But at the moment, there is no proof of other benefits, other than muscle soreness and the perception of muscle soreness. There are several studies about it but some studies are contradictory and maybe depending on the context ... there is a different exercise and it's difficult to compare and make one conclusion."