Marketa Vondrousova: 'Ashleigh Barty gave me a lesson'

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Marketa Vondrousova: 'Ashleigh Barty gave me a lesson'

Marketa Vondrousova lost to Ashleigh Barty 6-1 6-3 in the French Open final on Saturday. The Czech player said: "Of course I'm a little bit sad now because I lost. But it was a great two weeks. I had my family here, so it's still amazing for me.

I think she was just too good today. I think she played an amazing match. I didn't have too many chances today. Yeah, I think she just gave me a lesson today. It was also windy, so it was a bit different today. I think she didn't let me play my game today.

I think she was just better at everything today." "A lot of people text me. I was all over Czech TV. It was kind of strange for me. I don't know. I just -- I was in the final, so I think it's a big thing now. Yeah, I'm just enjoying myself."

"I think I'm proud of myself at everything because I'm just 19 and I won six tough matches. It was amazing two weeks for me, and I'm just really proud of myself that I was in the final here." "She hits some -- I don't know.

She's playing too good. She's mixing things up. And she has a huge serve. So it's all, like, very tough to play against. I didn't really feel good today because she didn't let me play my game, and it was really tough.

I don't know. I played my first Grand Slam final, so it's a good thing (smiling)." Vondrousova still takes positives from those two weeks: "I can't really believe it still because it's really, like, it's a huge thing for me.

I think it's gonna change my life now. But I'm just trying not to think about this and just, yeah, just trying to focus on myself."