Mladenovic: 'I was told I was crazy for watching Thiem playing five hours'

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Mladenovic: 'I was told I was crazy for watching Thiem playing five hours'

Kristina Mladenovic had two very intense French Open weeks as she played singles and doubles and also watched most of Dominic Thiem's matches including his long semifinal against Novak Djokovic split over two days. "Someone said, You're crazy, you're staying five hours watching Dominic when you're playing tomorrow", said Mladenovic on Sunday after winning her doubles title with Timea Babos.

"But I feel these moments are exceptional moments that I want to live to the full. It gives me even more adrenaline. It's boosting me to come back the next day after a great match by Domi yesterday. I wanted to emulate him today.

But obviously, emotionally, the most difficult thing is coming now for me. But to come back to the two weeks, it's always very special, especially when you end up with a trophy, whatever it is. But as I said, my priority is my career as a singles player.

I felt well before the tournament, but I was stopped by a very difficult opponent who proved that she was very dangerous and who could have gone very far. But this is sports. This is all about the draw, the timing. But talking about the doubles, it doesn't mean that I'm not going to continue working and come back even stronger.

I already went once to the second week in the singles, and I won't stop at that. I want to use my experience both in doubles and singles and use the experience of the people around me to go all the way to the end of great tournaments in singles."