Wimbledon and US Open are the best Grand Slams, says John McEnroe

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Wimbledon and US Open are the best Grand Slams, says John McEnroe

The seven-time Grand Slam winner John McEnroe commented on the most beautiful Grand Slams. On Eurosport, McEnroe said: "I would say they are more even than ever before, Australia made a lot of renovations and changes sort out of necessity because they didn't get all the players and so they moved away from Kooyong on grass to the new facility which they have turned into a new whole environment center and the French always has this tradition, it will always be a tremendous event, but for someone in the States is not as important as Wimbledon which is the Augusta Masters of golf.

An unbelievable place. Me being from New York, US Open, I am biased but I think it's the best city in the world and there is something incredible, unbelievable energy there. I think the other ones have worked hard to catch up and they are closer but Wimbledon and the Open have an edge in my book."

Boris Becker added: "I think it all changed with Australia, they changed the rulebook. They all wanted to become important, they wanted to matter and so they built a roof, spacious facilities for players, coaches and everybody else.

So it's probably the most popular Grand Slam. The night session: 8:00 PM on Rod Laver, they want to go and see." Patrick Mouratoglou spoke about Kristina Mladenovic and Timea Babos winning women's doubles title: "Really solid match.

It's so difficult to win a Grand Slam, there is so much emotion involved, it's one of the toughest things because emotion catches you. That will help her to be more confident in singles too."