Pat Cash: Ashleigh Barty will be threat at Wimbledon

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Pat Cash: Ashleigh Barty will be threat at Wimbledon

Recently crowned French Open Champion Ash Barty is planning to relax with some golf with her British relatives following her two fantastic weeks in Paris. Barty's mother Josie hails from Great Britain: 'They were with family.

I have some great aunts and uncles in Nottingham. They were with them at their place all glued to the TV,' said Barty. Australian tennis legend Pat Cash believes that Party can keep her good form up and win Wimbledon as well.

'She hasn't been that successful yet in singles yet, but there's no reason she shouldn't be. She got the final of the (2013) doubles,' he said. He further added, 'Her serve has significantly improved in the past three to six months.

The sliced backhand is very effective on the grass. She's the best volleyer on tour. She has a grass-court game - clay is her worst surface so it looks pretty good for her!” 'She's a great athlete, lightning quick and very balanced, so I think she will be a real threat at Wimbledon and the next few Slams.'

Expected to be featuring at Birmingham and Eastbourne before playing Wimbledon, Barty also mentioned her return to tennis after taking an almost 2 year break for the same. “My routines and my habits came back very quickly.

I remember at the end of the week my body was shot. I wasn't used to playing matches again. I played some pretty good tennis considering it was my first matches back. It feels like yesterday."