Marketa Vondrousova: I never got 100 flowers in my life

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Marketa Vondrousova: I never got 100 flowers in my life

Marketa Vondrousova returned to her country, the Czech Republic, and got a nice welcome in Prague. The Czech player received 100 flowers after reaching her maiden Grand Slam final in the French Open losing to Ashleigh Barty.

“I’m happy now, really tired, but happy," said Vondrousova. "Everything fell off my shoulders yesterday, all the stress, that the tournament is over. So overall I’m tired, but I’m enjoying this whole experience so much.

I’ve never received 100 roses in my life. I bought some for my mum on Mother’s Day, but this is the first time for me, and it is beautiful." This result came in an unexpected way for Vondrousova: “My main goal before 2019 was to play a full season without injury, and that is going pretty well so far.

The main focus is on staying healthy for the remaining part of the year”. On her next plans, she concluded: “I need a few days off now, to rest completely. I’ll go home for two or three days to see my family, especially my sister Julia, who I haven’t seen in a while.

I can’t wait to see her! I won’t do any sports, then slowly start with fitness training and start my preparation for the grass part of the season”. Hernych, Vondrousova's coach, said: “I only experienced the second week twice when I was playing, and that was in doubles.

It is a big difference and I enjoyed it a lot. Fewer people, more space and a different atmosphere. You are surrounded by all the stars, who are used to battling for the titles. This experience itself is a great motivation for Markéta.

I’m excited for Maky. She managed to keep her concentration and form on a very high level for the full two weeks”.