My controversial behaviour distracted me, admits John McEnroe

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My controversial behaviour distracted me, admits John McEnroe

John McEnroe commented on when he used to get nervous on court having a disrespectful behaviour towards opponents and umpires. The seven-time Grand Slam winner said: “I think it did distract me. I think I would have been a better player if I had not.

Others disagree. They think I harnessed this energy to throw off the opponent and lift my energy up or whatever it is. Some of that may be true”. Smyth, McEnroe' wife, said: “His thing that is funny with the umpires and the call.

That is just in his DNA man. He challenges everything, he really does. He is a punk”. Bjorn Borg said: “I think in the beginning he was a little bit lost. He had a temper and was behaving badly. All the other tennis players said: We don't like this guy.

We don't accept him as a person and player. I become closer to him and I think he could feel that too”. McEnroe recalled: “When other players saw that, it started to change everything. Just the way I was viewed in the locker room.

And how I viewed myself. Acceptance from someone like that is a huge thing. And that is when it became easier just to go out and play." Meanwhile the singer Bob Sinclar said: "Sometimes I go watch matches. French players, who are friends of mine, give me unlimited access.

If I want, I can go have a shower with Nadal or Federer in the locker room. Me, a fan of tennis and football without being talented, can live with the greatest of the sports. Music allows me to do it. I was able to play with Cristiano Ronaldo in the Juventus Stadium, or with Deschamps, Desailly and Platini.

Even at the French Open. There, everybody knows I am a tennis fan. So, on the Kid's Day, I always got ready because I knew I was called for that. Djokovic knows my passion. So I can play with him."