I wrote del Potro after his surgery, says Lisicki

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I wrote del Potro after his surgery, says Lisicki

In an interview as quoted by Wimbledon.com, Sabine Lisicki commented on Juan Martin del Potro undergoing knee surgery. The German player, who suffered many physical issues over the years too, said: "I wrote with DelPo before the match actually.

It’s our path, we were saying. I was so sad, I didn’t know what happened, I saw the picture online that he had surgery. I feel so sorry for him because he’s such a nice guy, plays incredible tennis, I love watching his forehand go boom, straight past everyone.

I really hope and wish him the best to come back, I want to see more booming forehands and serves from him”. Lisicki, analyzing the difficult times she went through in the past, added: “When you lose matches, it’s always difficult.

The first two injuries were hard but I came back very well straight away, and the last injury when I came back I was struggling, so I think that was the biggest challenge because I’ve never been in a year without wins until June.

For me, it didn’t feel that way to be honest because in March, even though I didn’t play any tournaments, I played a lot of practice matches and I won them. And I played Bundesliga and I won some matches. So for me, it didn’t feel that negative thankfully but on paper, I did have very tough draws.

It certainly didn’t help when you’re a bit rusty and don’t have that much confidence. But those struggles, I believe that when you work hard, it does pay off eventually, that’s what I strongly believe in and all those struggles make you stronger in the end”.