Split between Naomi Osaka and Sascha Bajin remains a mistery, says Evert

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Split between Naomi Osaka and Sascha Bajin remains a mistery, says Evert

Chris Evert commented on the split between Naomi Osaka and her coach Sascha Bajin happened following the Japanese player's second Grand Slam win in a row. In the last months Osaka has been struggling to deliver her best tennis.

"She was doing so well, yeah. That was — it still remains a mystery exactly what happened. But I think he was great for her. He was great for her. And he taught her a lot of lessons that he learned from working with Serena, and he was front and center, front row with training Serena and he saw all of the ways that she became a champion, and I think that he parlayed that into the way that he coached Naomi.

I don’t know, and I don’t know — we’re talking about grass, we’re talking about a different surface now, and I think that’s one area that she maybe doesn’t feel completely comfortable as far as on the grass, but I think she’s got the other ingredient, which is the power and the big first serve, and I think that, again, she’s got a good shot at it, too." On how she spent the week following the French Open this year, Osaka said: "Actually that week was the first time I took a complete week off and, honestly, I haven't felt like I rested ever.

Like, I have never took a vacation, so that was sort of my mini vacation in a way. It was kind of refreshing because I felt like since the US Open things have been going so fast, so I felt like I really needed a break and I think it was good for me."