Alexander Zverev gets angry hearing about McEnroe and Becker's criticisms

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Alexander Zverev gets angry hearing about McEnroe and Becker's criticisms

The former world No. 1's Boris Becker and John McEnroe believe that Alexander Zverev should improve his game to get to the heights of tennis. Becker said: "Zverev plays too much on the defence. I would like to see him giving forward.

He needs to do better. Taking the ball early and going to the net is the key. With his fighting spirit and attitude, he wants to dominate his opponents, which is good. The only question mark is: how much will it last and against who?" he told Bild.

McEnroe added: "At some point, his game was figured out by his opponents. He has not developed it. Even Federer plays differently now compared to five years ago. You need to constantly evolve. He is a bit aggressive from the baseline.

He does not need to go the net." Tommy Haas added: "Zverev is too defensive. But it happens too less if he has the opportunity to play aggressive. He is too passive he could switch from defence to offence quicker. That's the difference for Djokovic, Federer and Nadal.

They can do both things." Zverev himself said: "I do not think so, as well as my father and Ivan Lendl. Bullshit. Boris and McEnroe were at the net for their whole lifetime. I will not do it. It's different."

McEnroe praised Roger Federer. The American said: "Roger is the most beautiful tennis player I’ve ever seen. For as long as he plays, he’ll have a chance of winning Wimbledon. In some ways, he’s as good as ever, and in some ways, he’s even better."