Eugenie Bouchard reacts to criticism around her off-court life

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Eugenie Bouchard reacts to criticism around her off-court life

Eugenie Bouchard is very popular on her social media channels. The Canadian player attends several off-court events and she makes many posts on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The Canadian player reacted to the criticism around her in an interview to the Telegraph.

"I think everyone cares what people think about them so saying: 'I don’t care about them at all' would be a lie", admitted Bouchard. "Obviously I do care just like everybody else would. I also try to take it as a compliment because it means you’ve done something, stood up for something, created enough emotion for them to engage with you.

Who are the most famous people in the world? They have the most haters in the world. Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump. It’s part of life now so we have to accept it. You have to distance yourself from it and not take it too personally, and also realise that most of them would want to be in your spot."

The 25-year-old, who will open her run against Tamara Zidansek at Wimbledon, continued: "That’s the nature of social media. The most important thing to reiterate is that social media is what I choose to show everyone.

It’s not an exact posting of my whole life. If people think I literally only do what I post then that’s absurd. Social media is a highlights reel, so for me, I love posting different things. Do people who work in offices post about their offices every day? No, they don’t.

Do they work at their offices every day 24-7 like people tell me I should? No. So the biggest thing is that social media is not my entire life - it’s what I choose to show you."