Tunisia's Ons Jabeur Hopes to be an Example for Arabic and African Girls

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Tunisia's Ons Jabeur Hopes to be an Example for Arabic and African Girls

Tennis - Tunisia's Ons Jabeur, says she hopes to be an example for Arabic and African girls and inspire them to take up tennis. Speaking to Reuters in an interview, Jabeur says, “I’m trying to give the example for Arabic girls and African girls.

It’s kind of tough because we don’t have much experience of playing tennis. For me, I’m happy to be an example for young kids. It’s very tough to be a pro when you come from Tunisia, but I’m trying to give the message that if I can do it they can do it.

I can say that from my country there is a lot of talent and I hope that I can give my experiences to others”. Jabeur, who reached the semi-finals of this week's Eastbourne event before withdrawing with an ankle injury, says she enjoys playing on grass as it allows her game to be more creative.

“The only grass in Tunis is in the football stadium. But I love it, it gives me chances with my slice and drop shots and my ball goes very good and smooth with grass. I was always at Roehampton trying in qualies and the first time I actually got to Wimbledon (in 2017) I felt like I had really earned it.

I was in the locker room thinking what an amazing place this is”. The 24-year-old Jabeur says she would like to start an academy for young Tunisians in the future and guide them in their tennis pursuit, saying she was glad to have some people to show her the right path.

“There were many difficulties, the structure is bad and we don’t have the knowledge, but thank God I had a small talent and had the right people to show me the path. I remember when I was a kid and I said I wanted to win the French Open when I grow up, people just laughed.

I hope children can watch me and think it’s possible." She is now ranked no. 56 in the world, just two spots away from her career-best ranking of No. 54 which she achieved in February 2019.