From Challengers to Grand Slams: how Londero made it

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From Challengers to Grand Slams: how Londero made it

Juan Ignacio Londero -- 25-year-old who has given a huge jump in the ATP rankings most recently, locating himself at the 62th place -- has talked to Septimo Game about his recent successes, what has changed in his career since his efforts on the Challenger Tour have given their fruits, and the player he has been and still is.

In Eastbourne, the Argentinian opened his race in the draw by winning against the local Jay Clarke, and even if he couldn’t get past Fernando Verdasco in the second round, Londero was quite positive about his evolution, “I still do not believe that I won a match on grass.

It is very difficult to play [on this surface]. All the tennis changes, even the serve because one serves with more slice. I'm super happy. Winning a game on grass is crazy and new”. In the most recent edition of the French Open, Londero reached the fourth round of his first Grand Slam draw, a great feat that led him to face Rafael Nadal.

“I enjoyed playing in Roland Garros much more than in Córdoba,” the nicknamed “Topo” (“mole” in English) confessed. Cordoba is his first ATP title. “I keep remembering moments that I will never forget, like playing against Nadal on the central court.

But I can not remain in this mindset or I'm stuck. This sport is like that. Every week you have new challenges”. When asked what is left of the player he was while playing Challengers, while now he is evolving on the major tour, Londero remained frank, “Everything, because I keep fighting fully.

I feel lucky playing these tournaments. Tennis is like that. One day you are up and another, you did not defend enough points and you went to 150-200 and you have to start over. I do not think I'm different because I'm at this level.

I keep doing the same as a year and a half ago. My change was that one day I asked myself if I wanted to live on this and I started to stop joking around and dedicate the day to tennis and stopped distracting me with stuff that did not serve me.

I'm fighting with a good attitude as if I were in any court and tournament. In 2018 I told myself, ‘Stop it, man, let's start eating well and doing things well.’”