Naomi Osaka says she is about to cry, leaves press conference

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Naomi Osaka says she is about to cry, leaves press conference

Naomi Osaka lost to Yulia Putintseva in Wimbledon on Monday. The Japanese player's post match press conference didn't last long as she did not want to speak a lot. Osaka asked the moderator if she could leave the presser.

“Can I leave? I feel like I’m about to cry. The key for me was just, like, having fun, I guess, like learning how to have fun, kind of taking pressure off myself. I hope I can somehow find a way to do that", said the world No.

2. John McEnroe commented on Naomi Osaka's straight-set loss to Yulia Putintseva on the Centre Court on Monday. The American seven-time Grand Slam winner said: "I don't think Naomi is very comfortable on grass. You need that intensity and be on it.

She just does not look like she's all there. She's distracted, a lot of things have happened and it seems she has lost her confidence, which is amazing from where she was two or three months ago." Putintseva said: "I did a good job.

I think my grass court play is getting better. I remember how much I hated grass courts. With my coach, I was fighting. I was saying that I don't want to play here. I used to play more on clay courts. Clay courts it's more spin, drop shots, serve kick and stuff.

When I came on grass, was totally opposite. For my mental, it was like killing myself. It took some time."