Elina Svitolina speaks about her dress at Wimbledon

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Elina Svitolina speaks about her dress at Wimbledon

Ukrainian Elina Svitolina has responded strongly to the criticism she received for her dress on Social Media. Svitolina recently commented that she has a greater appreciation of the work done to produce pieces the players can wear on court.

I love my dress,” she said in her post-match press conference. “I think it was not fair. It's not fair for designers, because they put so much work into our kit. They put so much effort in it, and then to say something that it was, that there was no effort, I think it was not fair for them”.

“I went actually to the headquarters where I saw all the guys working behind the scenes. It's the same, like, for the tournament, you know. We go to play the tournament, and we just play and we think it's just everyday thing that happens”.

“But it's so much work that put into the tournament and everything going around us, so we have to appreciate this”. Seeded eighth at Wimbledon this year, Svitolina next takes on Margarita Gasparyan in the second round.

“Last year it was not so good but the year before it was a great run for me,” Svitolina said. “I think I can play well on grass. I just need to be really focused on what I have to do on court”. “That's very important for me just to take one match at a time, don't think too much of what's going on”.

“Also be healthy. That's one of the goals, one of the priorities for me, to be fresh and to give myself a chance to actually play well, because I think, you know, I can play really good. It's just a matter of getting more time on the court and just be focused on what I have to do”.