Alexander Zverev: Washington tournament doesn't like me

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Alexander Zverev: Washington tournament doesn't like me

Surprisingly, Alexander Zverev has not entered to play in Washington this year. The German player won the 2017 and 2018 titles there. Asked if he plans to take a wild card in Washington, as he suffered a first round loss in Wimbledon, the Hamburg native said: "Probably not.

The tournament organization changed this year. It's a new main owner. For some reason he does not like me very much, so... He doesn't like me. You can figure it out yourself, I think. He likes other players more." In an interview, as quoted by Tennis Magazin, Zverev's former agent Patricio Apey commented on the German player saying that the Chilean is trying to make his life difficult.

Apey said: "His sayings are both surprising and disappointing. It's a costy, useless and absolutely unfair complaint against my company, he stopped our contract that was lasting until 2023. I'd rather have solved the matter with Sascha and his family in private.

But unfortunately he decided to take a legal action without telling us about that before. Now that his results are not so good, I am seen like I am in fault. The only one who makes life difficult for Sascha is himself. No one of the Zverev family contacted me.

We have not been speaking each other since January, they just want to communicate through lawyers. I was always open to meet him and clarify the matter anytime he wanted to." Zverev lost to the Czech Republic's Jiri Vesely in the first round. Vesely won in four sets 4-6, 7-6, 6-4, 6-4.