Alexander Zverev: 'Someone is trying to break my life'

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Alexander Zverev: 'Someone is trying to break my life'

In a press conference in Wimbledon following his five-set loss to Jiri Vesely, Alexander Zverev commented on his legal dispute with agent Patricio Apey. The German player said: "Someone is trying to break my life. Someone who was very close to me.

I do not know how he can do it. It's just crazy. I am very mad about it, cause it's a person who was very involved in my life during the last few years and now he's trying to make my life as hard as possible. Purposely, right before big tournaments like this.

Why is he doing that? What's happening right now, it's absurd. not allowed to say anything official, but it is simply absurd and it hurts me because it was people who were very close to my life. I thought we were friends, I thought we were close, not only at the job, and I mean, to do stuff like that on purpose, that I don't understand.

Why and how one can even do that as a normal human being, it is... There is new news again, you can't even imagine what hes trying to do." On his loss to Vesely, Zverev concluded: "Let's be realistic: grass is not my favourite surface if you look at the past.

Even though I had a very good draw here, Wimbledon is always tough for me. Especially if I play someone like Vesely in the first round, who serves very well, I thought returned extremely well today."