Naomi Osaka looks lost and overwhelmed, says Davenport

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Naomi Osaka looks lost and overwhelmed, says Davenport

In an interview to Omnisport, the HSBC pundit Lindsay Davenport, a former world No. 1, commented on Naomi Osaka's low results in the last months. After winning her second consecutive Grand Slam title in the Australian Open, Osaka has struggled to play her best tennis.

"It's been hard to watch Osaka play from about mid-February of this year", said Davenport. "It was one of the most exciting stories to see her in New York last year, to see her in Melbourne this year, to see her get her second grand slam.

She looks a little bit lost right now and, I think, a little bit overwhelmed from all the fame that came her way from being a two-time grand slam champion, a lot of endorsement deals, a lot of outside interest in her now.

I think she's struggling to kind of understand her new world. And hopefully, it translates to her improving on the tennis court. Everybody wants to see Osaka playing her best, happy, out on court, winning matches. But it just looks like right now it's one of those tough times.

And everybody knows she's going to come back stronger. I just hope that it's sooner, rather than later." On Ashleigh Barty's chances to win her second Major in a row in Wimbledon, Davenport added: "I think it's very possible Ash Barty wins her second grand slam here, and her second in a row.

Clay is her worst surface. She surprised everybody by being able to win the French. This is actually the time of year she wants to play her best. She thinks she's a great grass-court player, she likes to come to the net, she's got a great game. I think it's very likely that she wins two in a row."