Cori Gauff could earn up to £100 million a year, says expert

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Cori Gauff could earn up to £100 million a year, says expert

In an interview, the marketing expert Nigel Currie commented on Cori Gauff's potential from a financial point of view. The 15-year-old has reached her maiden Grand Slam fourth round in the All England Club. “It has been crying out for a woman to become that figure.

At the moment you would be talking about earnings of £50m a year as the dominant player in the women's game, but if Gauff wins multiple Grand Slams and dominates you could probably double that. If Gauff dominates tennis then she will overtake Serena as the highest earner that women's sport has ever seen", said Currie.

"What Serena has been earning will be eclipsed because Gauff is part of the generation that uses social media so frequently and sponsors will love to get on board with someone who has such a big impact and millions of followers.

Another element is that she could become the first worldwide social media tennis sensation. The barriers that the Williams sisters broke down will help Gauff and she has an open book”.