Relationship between me and Dominic Thiem is like a wedding - Coach

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Relationship between me and Dominic Thiem is like a wedding - Coach

In an interview, Dominic Thiem's coach Nicolas Massu commented on his co-operation with the Austrian player. Since they started working together, Thiem won Indian Wells and Barcelona titles and reached the French Open final.

"Dominic needs to know what's better for him, he has to be happy, fans and media always think about results, the most important thing is to have a good environment so that results come. Now I am in a different stage of life.

Before I was the one who went out there and fought, now I feel in the same way. I play every match with Dominic. If he wins I am happy, if he loses I am sad. We have a good relationship, he is also a great person. Now the most important person is Dominic, Indian Wells title gave him confidence and he can be competitive on all surfaces.

I still have a lot of energy and I can hit with him. One day he can become the number one in the world. Our relationship is like a wedding", said Massu. Reflecting on his career, the Chilean concluded: "I did not retire because I was tired of tennis, but because I had many injuries, but that's my life, I commit all my life to tennis.

For me it was an unbelievable year because we came back in the World Group of Davis Cup after eight years, starting with players who were 16 years old."