At Cori Gauff's age I was playing juniors, says Simona Halep

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At Cori Gauff's age I was playing juniors, says Simona Halep

Cori Gauff reached her maiden Grand Slam fourth round in Wimbledon losing to Simona Halep at 15 years of age. What was the Romanian player doing at Gauff's age? Halep said: "12 years ago I was at juniors. It’s a huge thing that she’s able to play in the fourth round of Wimbledon.

It’s a great performance. I think if she keeps going, she will be top 10 soon. She has a very strong backhand. Also, the serve is pretty tough. She’s moving very well. She’s tall, so is not easy to move that fast.

She’s still young. I think she needs a little bit more power. But she’s a very, very good player already. The fact that she tries to be aggressive, she tries to work with the serve pretty much, with the first serve.

Second serve is not soft. I think she has a great game already. She will be a very tough opponent for everybody. If she keeps doing what she did here, she’s going to get a lot of confidence and she can win big tournaments soon.

I think it’s a good thing, a positive thing, for tennis because the juniors can see that everything is possible. They can get motivated. They get confident there is a chance for everybody. What she’s doing, she’s doing great."

Asked her thoughts about Gauff who can only play a certain amount of tournaments, Halep replied: "I think if she did this great result here, she’s able to play the normal tour. But the rules are rules."