Jamie Delgado: It's really pleasing to see Andy Murray not in the pain

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Jamie Delgado: It's really pleasing to see Andy Murray not in the pain

Andy Murray's coach Jamie Delgado is happy with Murray’s progress and feels there are reasons to be positive about the Brit’s return. The 32-year-old won the doubles title with Feliciano Lopez at Queen's Club in his first tournament since surgery and entered the doubles and mixed doubles events at Wimbledon.

"It's really pleasing to see him not be in the pain that he was for a long time and he's worked hard to get to this stage that he's at now so let's see how much further he can get," said Delgado.

"Doubles is much less load in terms of running around on the body, but it's also been tougher in a way when he's not played for a while because doubles points can happen so quickly. His sharpness is being tested even more so but I think he's done really well”.

He further commented, "We're literally taking every day as it comes because we don't know how the rehab will continue going. All I can say is that he's doing really well and there's been good signs over the last couple of weeks.

There are reasons to be optimistic in what he can do. The pressure is off him and it's been good to see him play without any pain to be honest." He ended by saying, "He's loving it, not just playing tennis but generally like doing things with his family and basic things that were painful for him he's now able to do”.

"We hope he's going to play singles again at some point but I honestly couldn't say when. It's just going to be when he feels good and strong enough to compete in a singles match. We'll just try and time it so that it's done at the right time but I genuinely don't know when that is."