Jordanne Whiley: I don’t feel complete without an Olympic Medal

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Jordanne Whiley: I don’t feel complete without an Olympic Medal

Wheelchair superstar Jordanne Whiley does not feel complete yet, adding that her goal is to win a Paralympic Gold Medal in the Singles Category. Her greatest chance will be the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. "That is the only thing I don't have," the 27-year-old said to BBC Sport.

"I feel that medal is missing and I don't feel complete without it. I always wanted to play Tokyo. It will be my last Games." She had set her sights on reaching the world top 15 by the end of July - yet she's already in the top eight.

"It's been so much better than I ever could have imagined," says Whiley, who was born with osteogenesis imperfecta or brittle bone disease. I thought it would be slow, especially playing some of the tournaments I played in the first couple of months, knowing the top 10 girls were going to be there”.

"I didn't expect to beat them and I thought my climb up the rankings might be difficult, so I'm pleased to be back in the top eight within just five months." Awarded a Wildcard into the event, Whiley is ready to do some damage.

"I wasn't sure if I was going to get it because it was completely out of my hands so I was really excited to hear that I got it and can head back to Wimbledon," she says. "I knew that I had a good chance because my comeback has been so successful and I am back inside the top eight.

Just because I'm a wildcard and have only been back five months isn't going to deter me from going for the titles in both the singles and doubles." Wimbledon also proves to be a special place for Whiley, who has her son by her side.

"Jackson loves throwing and catching, he loves any sort of ball activity and he does have a little tennis racquet," Whiley said. "He will be starting tots tennis next year. He's a very active child so I'm hoping he does get into some sport.

I love motherhood - he's such a happy, lovely, cheeky little boy. It's hard, especially when he was a baby and I was coming back into training with the lack of sleep, but I absolutely love it and we want more children in the future”.

"Juggling is hard, but it's working well, I've got a good team around me. Your life changes so much that you just have to adapt. It is tough but it's what I've got to do."