Simona Halep is Audrey Hepburn of tennis – White House official

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Simona Halep is Audrey Hepburn of tennis – White House official

Wimbledon champion, Simona Halep, was compared with the Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn. In an interview for Romania Insider, Douglas MacKinnon - former White House and Pentagon official who wrote for presidents Ronald Reagan and G.W.

Bush -, explained what Hepburnian characteristics he identified in Halep’s behavior. “About five years ago, I got to watch Simona Halep play for the first time. More than recognizing her immense talent, I was struck by her genuine humility, her kindness toward others, her class, and even her faith.

I turned to my wife and said at the time: “In terms of talent, class, elegance, kindness, and humility, she is the Audrey Hepburn of tennis”, said MacKinnon. Douglas is a long-term fan of the Hollywood actress: “At sixteen years of age, I saw the movie “Roman Holiday” for the first time, and like many young men, instantly developed a crush on Audrey Hepburn.

Instinctively, part of that crush came about because Audrey Hepburn – the human being – was so kind, so giving, so empathetic, and so humble”. Audrey Hepburn was an actress who activated during Hollywood’s Golden age and was recognized as a film and fashion staple.

She is one the 15 actresses who have received Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Awards. The former White House official pointed out what trend dominates today’s sports world: “Without singling out anyone in particular, sadly, so much of professional sports today has become about athletes only in it for themselves.

How much money can they get? How much fame can they get? How many followers can they get? How many temper tantrums, crude statements, exposing themselves, and “All-about-me” celebrations do they need to act out to land endorsement deals with the largest sporting goods companies? Unfortunately, as we have seen with increasing regularity, that obnoxious type of behavior often does get rewarded in a very big way by companies seeking their own celebrity and their own profit at any cost.

Regretfully, athletes craving and existing within that bubble of hedonism are now the norm”. Furthermore, MacKinnon explained how Simona Halep is a breath of fresh air in today’s world of sports: “Once in a great while, an exception comes along.

An exception who should be celebrated for the values she or he lives by on a daily basis. Simona Halep is such an exception. Her class, kindness, humility, and faith are a breath of fresh air in the often smog-filled stadiums of: “It’s all about me”.

Through friends who were born, lived, and worked in Romania, I have learned a great deal about the country over the years and believe it to be a still somewhat hidden gem filled with good, hard-working, and caring people.

Simona Halep made and created history for the people and country of Romania at Wimbledon and all who live there should take great pride in that incredible accomplishment. For those of us outside of Romania, we should pause to realize that we just witnessed something all too rare these days.

An athlete of style, grace, charity, class, humility, and faith rise to the pinnacle of her sport. Simona Halep is a role model who should be cherished for the values she brings to her sport and…life. Her success elevates us all”.