Donna Vekic speaks out on relationships after splitting with Stan Wawrinka

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Donna Vekic speaks out on relationships after splitting with Stan Wawrinka

In an interview to Gloria, Donna Vekic spoke for the first time about love stories since when some months ago she split with the three-time Major winner Stan Wawrinka. Vekic said: "Guys always approach you. But I have no problem with it.

If someone is not interesting, I will quickly fix it. I think there is nothing bad in seeing a woman taking the first initiaitve. I like sportsmen and men who have a good hairstyle. A professional athlete's life can be understood only by a person who has the same job.

I am consistently on travel, during the year I play up to 24 tournaments." On the next generation, Vekic added: "You see all these young girls now. I don't want to name any names, but they're winning. They're like, they have the hype.

And I'm like, oh, you have no idea what's in store for you. You know, it's almost never happens that you just go like this. There's ups and downs in every career, every sport. Not only in sport, in life. And I think I've already gone through that, and to say I've already gone through that at 22 I think is pretty good.

So I hope it's going to be a little bit more stable now." On her coach Torben Beltz, she concluded: "Torben is a really positive guy, which really helps me a lot because I can really get hard on myself. So he's really helping with that.

And just trying on develop my game even more, trying to be more aggressive, trying to come to the net a little bit more. So, yeah."