Simona Halep not planning to have kids despite dating a millionaire

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Simona Halep not planning to have kids despite dating a millionaire

In an interview, Simona Halep was asked how much time she spends on social media and the Internet. The Romanian player replied: "I never search for anyone! And don't really follow posts from others. I merely spend maybe one hour per day reading comments and other things or news on Instagram."

Asked about what her ideal vacation would be, Halep replied: "I would go someplace where there are not too many people around... A quiet place where I can enjoy myself with my dearest ones on a beach." Halep was also asked, now that she dates a millionaire, if she plans to become a mother: "Not in the next couple of years!

If my kids want to practice any sport, I'll encourage them! If not, I'll support whatever their chosen path will be! But ask about my personal life. It's not a pleasant topic. Don't ask me about other players or their results...

I don't know them; they don't know me either." Halep finally praised David Ferrer who ended his career earlier this year: "Every time I saw him on the court he was working so much for every ball, running, so we are similar in that direction.

He's a very nice person. Great personality. And I am a bit sad that he has to retire, but he has done a lot in tennis and now it's time to enjoy life. Seeing him, like, fighting for every match inspired me as a kid and also as a player, a professional player now."