Ashleigh Barty: I’m still exactly the same person

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Ashleigh Barty: I’m still exactly the same person

Reigning World No.1 and French Open Champion Ashleigh Barty said she wants to keep the momentum of her good form going when she enters the US hard court swing. She was treated to a hero’s reception in Brisbane, where she was welcomed by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk along with young guns aspiring to be like her!

“I'm more driven and more and more hungry than ever to try and get better - there are still so many players out there that I want to beat,” she added. Though she also admitted that she has outperformed her expectations this year already.

“It's been just the most incredible journey for us and my team - it's happened very quickly,” the 23-year-old said. “We had plans and goals for this year to try and crack into that Top 10 and that was kind of the next level for me and then to be able to get to world number one so quickly has been incredible”.

“We worked incredibly hard for it and enjoyed every single minute of it and now the challenge for us is to keep improving and try and stay there as long as we can”. Though a favourite for the US Open title, she said that she hasn’t changed a bit.

“Little things change, but the way I live my life hasn’t changed at all,” she said. “I’m still exactly the same person. I just have a different number next to my name. I have enjoyed every single minute and now I just to get out there and get stuck into the American circuit”.